Providing in-person and online personal training. It is guaranteed to improve performance by addressing flexibility and muscle activity compensations.

Stay fit and healthy at any age. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, fitness can prevent disease occurrence. Science has proven over and over again the harmful effects of sitting and other repetitive stresses on the body, as well as the positive effects of regular exercise on improving overall health. We deliver the medicine of fitness, transforming clients into pain-free, happy individuals able to move freely and enjoy life without physical limitations. Even healthy athletes trying to optimize performance experience setbacks due to injuries associated with the demands of their sport or training regimens. Again, we have the medicine to train harder, minimizing risk and increasing strength and mobility quickly.


The spine represents neutral alignment and homeostasis in the body. Most movements in a gym require a neutral spine, pelvis, and shoulders; however, in sports, the spine, hip, and shoulders will be mobilized based on the demands of the sport.

In the fitness world, the body's core is known as the spine and hip. The scapula can be added as well, especially with upper body movement. The more stable the spine, the better the mechanical advantage of the muscles that stabilize the rest of the body, therefore driving the arms and legs with optimal power and safety.

We begin each exercise by setting you up for stability, starting with a neutral spine alignment, followed by scapula pelvis, and then we place arms and legs where they need to be according to the exercise. The spine is the beginning of a stable body that can generate maximum power, strength, and flexibility. Therefore, all my clients will undergo a static and movement assessment to determine their preliminary programming needs. This will ensure the client is informed of the movement dysfunctions and learns the proper body awareness to move with stability, efficiency, and accuracy. Preparing my clients creates a safe and effective fitness program to improve longevity and performance in daily living and sports.

„I could continue working out”
I strained a muscle in my thigh. Jeff created an exercise plan to rehabilitate that muscle and surrounding muscles. I'm all better, and so appreciate Jeff's help, as well as that I could continue working out while my muscle was healing. ~Ellen
„I feel a balance of strength”
Jeff provides easily adapted guidance for each movement, how each movement should be done, what you should or should not be feeling, and why the movement was necessary. I began to realize how much more the workouts benefited me every day. My body is now more naturally flexible, and I feel a balance of strength throughout my entire body instead of just one or two areas of my body. ~Steph
„Less is More”
Over the years, Jeff evolved away from strenuous work out routines, toward a healing and more naturally intended movement of the body. I worked out with Jeff several times over the years but in May of 2020, I started doing Jeffs pre-recorded YouTube work outs. Suddenly, Jeffs expertise and knowledge fell into place. Coupled with no longer awakening each day to pain and aches or to the stress to get my insane work out for the day completed, I realized I converted from “No Pain No gain” to a “Less is More” state of being. ~Steph
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